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Analyzing the Q345D channel steel residual stress by welding

Many people know the application of Q345D channel steel, but few people know the Q345D channel steel residual stress bu welding. Katalor is a professional Q345D channel steel expoter and supplier, we have the professional team. We can supply Q345D channel steel with your any requirements.

The variation of the wall thickness of Q345D channel steel will significantly affect the transverse and longitudinal welding residual stress value. The smaller the Q345D channel steel wall thickness is, the higher the longitudinal welding residual stress value is. When the wall thickness of Q345D channel steel reaches a certain degree, not only the transverse residual stress value near the weld zone is converted into compressive stress, but also the peak value of longitudinal residual stress at weld toe can be significantly reduced, and the greater the wall thickness of Q345D channel steel is. The decrease of longitudinal residual strain peak is greater. Therefore, in order to reduce the influence of welding residual stress on butt Q345D channel steel structure, it is necessary to select the large wall thick Q345D channel steel structure for welding processing in the actual design process.

Katalor can supply the Q345D channel steel with high quality. And if you have any questions about Q345D channel steel, please contact us freely. We will try our best to solve for you. And the important is we can promise our Q345D channel steel has the best quality. Welcome to cooperate with us!

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