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Design of Q345C channel steel cutting blade

Katalor has all different sizes of Q345C channel steel with high quality. And the basic basis for the design of the shear blade of Q345C channel steel is the groove shape of the finished product. This design is prone to the following problems in the Q345C channel steel shear process:

Firstly compared with other parts, the two shoulders of Q345C channel steel are relatively thick, the required shear force is also large, the shear blade wear is fast, and the shear blade is used for a period of time. This part of the relative wear amount is large, resulting in large shoulder gap, easy to collapse shoulder phenomenon;

Second, compared with the waist of Q345C channel steel, due to the influence of shear angle, when the cutting edge is worn, the shear quantity becomes small when cutting the legs, and the leg shear changes from the usual shear to tear, and the end surface of Q345C channel steel leg is prone to burr.

Third, the leg slope of upper and lower shear blade is basically consistent with the groove of Q345C channel steel. In this way, the leg is under stress at the same time during shear. The shear force is relatively large and the blade wears quickly. The latter two points are the main factors affecting the shear quality of Q345C channel steel.

So if yo want to buy the high quality Q345C channel steel, you should be careful the matter of it. Katalor as a professional steel supplier and exporter in China. We have professional team to produce the Q345C channel steel. If you have any need in Q345C channel steel, please contact us freely. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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