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Popular ASTM A283 GR.C angle steel in China

Katalor is a professional steel stockist and exporter in China. We have professional person and team to produce ASTM A283 GR.C angle steel with your requirements. Our ASTM A283 GR.C angle steel has different sizes with good quality. Then Katalor will introduce the information of ASTM A283 GR.C angle steel for you!

ASTM A283 GR.C angle steel can be used to form different mechanical members according to different needs of structure, and can also be used as connectors between members. Widely used in various building structures and engineering structures, such as beam, bridge, transmission tower, lifting machinery, ship, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame, cable channel support, power piping, busbar support installation, and warehouse shelves, etc.

ASTM A283 GR.C angle steel is a kind of carbon structural steel for construction. It is a simple section steel. It is mainly used for metal members and factory buildings. Good weldability, plastic deformation and mechanical strength are required in use. The raw billet of angle steel is low carbon square billet, the finished ASTM A283 GR.C angle steel is hot rolled, normalizing or hot rolling state delivery.

ASTM A283 GR.C angle steel is one of our mainly products. We can supply ASTM A283 GR.C angle steel with high quality and good after-sale service. So if you have any need in ASTM A283 GR.C angle steel, please contact us freely. Welcome to cooperate with us!

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